I recently visited Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Clifton and really enjoyed the ambiance, service and food. They had a new bacon pizza that servers brought around for customers to try and it was delicious. We actually ordered the Margarita pie and it too was awesome.

I had such a great experience with them that I left my email address for follow up marketing. I’ve already received 2 emails; 1) on the day of my visit thanking me, and 2) on the following day with an invitation for dinner, store locator and loyalty CTA (Call-To-Action).

I clicked on the Loyalty CTA to check the experience and here are my thoughts:

> Sign up was quick and easy and required the following:

    – First and Last Name

    – DOB

    – State

    – Favorite store

    – Email Address and Opt-In

> Landing page after sign up was Account Balance with these sections:

    – Summary of Account

    – Welcome area with Loyalty Card #

    – Manage Card

> Landing Page navigation included the following:

    – Edit Account

    – Transaction History

I was really excited as I got through the process and received my Loyalty Card number, but there’s 1 problem…..no links anywhere on the page detailing the program. Anthony, what did I just sign up for? How do I earn points?

I wouldn’t say this is a common mistake by retailers, but for Anthony’s this leaves a lot to be desired in terms of creating awareness and excitement. Here’s what I would recommend for Anthony’s to correct this issue:

  1. Create a landing page that details the Loyalty Program and add a link to sign up
  2. Trigger an Email for customers who sign up and share high level Loyalty program information
  3. Provide an incentive for initial sign up (e.g. welcome points)

In conclusion, having a successful Loyalty program must not only contain an easy and free way to sign up, but enough information and incentive to spark participation.